Lenten reading featured image of chains. From Farmers Market to Nolde forest – melting snow a nibbled whole walnut that looks like a Sesame Street character… the ridges of the nut are mop-head, a face gnawed by denizen of park, with a one-tooth grin where meat has been extracted and two green eyes that are actually – … More Seedling

Lend Me Your Flowers

Pea pressure. Sun under blanket or vice versa. Forty-three figures. A turquoise icicle. Serving America’s Dairy Farmers 9974 plus two TOLKO wood Excess height. Strike. Employee estern Owned Poor Boy a dick 16 from four by four It’s Bedlam! Protecting today’s Perishables for tomorrow…brilliant color. Calaveras Pilobus. Do not Hammer on Car, emcee. Buckety BK … More Lend Me Your Flowers


Antarctica shrinking. Bing Chobe. Stripes. Like rusty red and white blankie. Knot 207 torn out. Was scanner number. PDQU3. Vanity. V8 4×4 figure eight. Excalibur. MN ne plus ultra lakes. Inventor Walter Slinky paper cup paper clip sun bloc knotty situation room glazed pretzel halter Japanese good luck!  Sidewalk closed.Doz roses spidey plants Loving Well … More Sawdust


At farmer’s market sold one large item, a blanket chest and several small things: Michelin Man patch, Q-tips sample, pair of small plastic pumpkins, two pairs of petite goblets: one with gold trim and wheat etching, the other like cut glass; plaid fabric for 50 cents, because that is what it was marked for for … More eLerpost

Closet Observatory

27 shoeboxes? There’s “money in shoeboxes.” Ruby inexplicably goes under the cotton coverlet. Used at Shupp‘s. Is the quality of this cotton somehow superior? Or was it the maker of the cloth? The person who built or operated the machine? It is a longitudinally pieced, once red white and blue striped fabric. Thins strips, Mostly white. … More Closet Observatory