Lenten reading featured image of chains. From Farmers Market to Nolde forest – melting snow a nibbled whole walnut that looks like a Sesame Street character… the ridges of the nut are mop-head, a face gnawed by denizen of park, with a one-tooth grin where meat has been extracted and two green eyes that are actually – a seedling sprouting within the open shell.

A catkin, rust and brown with construction similar to pineapple skin. Tulip tree flower blades. A leaf. – that of a oak. A scarlet or red oak leaf big as adult female size 9 shoe. A bark bit. with lichen. How a HUGE tulip poplar contorts itself.

The architecture of a root system. Beech saplings with faded fall color, bleached copper/  Four stones on a larger rock. Dot dah dot dah.

Winterberry and buttonbush stakes..

“Stay on the road!”

“You call this a road?”

“It’s a stone path the width of a road.”

WATERSHED carved in official and balanced way on a footbridge. The hemlock that grows horizontal across the stream.

How a birch loses its bark. Lines like computer code. How to comport self.

A nice black and white dog – related to skunk and panda.

The bark bit with lichen has a furrow into which the catkin fits; the bark bit has a depression upon which the walnut with seedling comes to rest.


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