Lend Me Your Flowers

Pea pressure. Sun under blanket or vice versa. Forty-three figures. A turquoise icicle. Serving America’s Dairy Farmers 9974 plus two TOLKO wood Excess height. Strike. Employee estern Owned Poor Boy a dick 16 from four by four It’s Bedlam! Protecting today’s Perishables for tomorrow…brilliant color. Calaveras Pilobus. Do not Hammer on Car, emcee. Buckety BK TY equx: War Admiral and Seabiscuit in the Pimlico Special WOW. SwOO+\ – / line. Star five pointTexas ’06. #:@! white snowflake blue fleece bus stop. Vanity NON-SNSE. EIGHTh AVENUE 00001 G R, VITRAN vitamin trance. Blue and white MHW-3:03.HOUNYOUMN. Splintered clear plastic pen. Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s. Take you under my wing. Local color. Jackson, you get an A+Plus.


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