Antarctica shrinking. Bing Chobe. Stripes. Like rusty red and white blankie. Knot 207 torn out. Was scanner number. PDQU3. Vanity. V8 4×4 figure eight. Excalibur. MN ne plus ultra lakes. Inventor Walter Slinky paper cup paper clip sun bloc knotty situation room glazed pretzel halter Japanese good luck!  Sidewalk closed.Doz roses spidey plants Loving Well age of Gold 1930.Furmano’s sea salt umbrella celadon green many greens along Penn three decals back of car. Hitch. Bend in bow/ Pla.

“the Becket Loop has no practical value” black eye daisy seed cores complete and in cross-section, mulch piece shaped like a rib. FOOD on the four flaps: Admiration mayonnaise.



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