Closet Observatory

27 shoeboxes? There’s “money in shoeboxes.” Ruby inexplicably goes under the cotton coverlet. Used at Shupp‘s. Is the quality of this cotton somehow superior? Or was it the maker of the cloth? The person who built or operated the machine? It is a longitudinally pieced, once red white and blue striped fabric. Thins strips, Mostly white. Probably 90% white overall. Faded from sunlight and stored away for at least eight years.

To cover the wood tables. Glass. A glass Gerber‘s baby food jar. Maybe 8 oz., with red and silver lid. Inside, a length of red sequin ribbon, torn from a garment that was raveled.

A piece of red string.

A silk floral scarf black background. A red and blue scarf: half red with blue trim, half blue with red trim.

A Deco glass lamp with celadon jade paint t color “exactly” matches the Cape of Good Hope beer 4-pack cartons. {Of which four are in the wealth corner}.

Shade pleated

w/purple  ribbon


cott flannel (kite pants)

Blue washed and f T.

Shoe box  Black should ^


Sylvia Martin MGM yellow and white

E-538   yellow + white         Harpsichord


Mozel Fest o’h

Hayden Socit

MOZART Festival Orll

Columbia              Microgroove


Symphony No 4

in D minor op. 120

Cleveland Orch.

George SZELL

Mt 2040

Nonbreakable ”



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